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Site Policies


The cancellation of the order and release of products purchased on the initiative of the Online Store will be automatic in the following situations:

— Impossible to execute the debit corresponding to the purchase on the credit card.
— Inconsistency of data filled in the application.
— Non payment of bank slip.
— Out of stock.

The refund of values ??by initiative of the Virtual Store will occur in the following situations:

— Inability to deliver the purchased goods, due to the lack of delivery address as indicated by the buyer, or its non-accessibility. In the event that delivery is not possible for this reason, the product will be returned to our Distribution Center, generating return from the Online Store of the values ??corresponding to the prices of products, excluding freight costs.
— If there is a lack of merchandise purchased by the buyer on the Virtual Store website due to the occurrence of product sales, the amounts paid to the buyer will be returned through the same payment method used for the purchase. In these situations, the buyer will be notified of the incident.


— The goods must be returned through the postage paid by the customer, to the address on the purchase invoice.
— The product must be returned in its original packaging, accompanied by all accessories and manuals.
— The product must be returned accompanied by the duplicate of the purchase invoice.
— The product can not show any evidence of use.

ATTENTION: Product that does not meet the conditions required above will not be accepted as a return and will automatically be shipped back to the original address. Under these conditions, Modelo Virtual Store reserves the right to re-charge freight.

NOTE: Any intention of cancellation must be communicated to the Virtual Store through email or telephone contacts before sending the product (s). Otherwise, requests will not be accepted.


— Credit Card: Chargeback may occur on up to 2 subsequent invoices.
— Bank slip: Credit in current account within 10 business days.
— There will be no refund of freight.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will be processed only upon receipt and analysis of the condition of the product (s) in our Inventory. (Product may not bear any indication of use).


We do not trade products for color differences, shown in the online store. Product colors may vary due to the difference between displays and resolutions. The photos are merely illustrative images and do not portray the original color of each paper.

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