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Couche Glossy/Matte 150g - Size 66x96 cm

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Papel Couché is a special type of paper, suitable for use in the printing industry. It consists basically of a base paper (offset), which receives a coating layer: calcium carbonate, kaolin, latex and other additives, in order to make its surface very smooth, even. Consequently it is the paper of better quality of impression. It is widely used in the printing of booklets, magazines, posters, art books and other printed matter that require good reproduction of graticules and traces. When the coating is applied on only one side it is called Couché L1. If the coating is applied on both sides it is called Couché L2. The first type is used in labels and packaging, while the second type is used to print on both sides (books, brochures, etc ...). Couché (layer, in French).

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