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Papel Avulso was founded in November 2014 to meet the demands for special sheet paper that the market demanded at the time. At first, the company catered for express printers, small printers and artisans in general. With a growing demand for specialty papers, we have partnered with domestic and foreign industries to grow our portfolio.

Today, we offer as a differential a wide variety of special papers, with different colors, thicknesses, textures, distinctive touches and papers with special effects.

We also offer the cutting service, where you, the customer, choose the paper and request the cut to the desired size, helping you to have the best results with your customers, and can even delight them with a different service.

Papel Avulso understands that paper is not just a support for texts and images. It is very important to reconcile a unique visual identity when personalizing your work through the harmony of colors and shapes.

Paper is a fundamental part of communication. It is the element that conveys an idea, feeling, or message that you want to convey to people. Choosing the perfect paper is what will bring your creation to life. Count on Roleplay on this important mission!

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